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FBI data shows that 83.5% of white murder victims are killed by white perpetrators—not much less than black-on-black rates (91%). Anyabwile contends the reality is people “commit crimes in their own neighborhoods against their own neighbors.” Thus urban crime is not so much a “race” thing as a “zip code thing.

Myiia Hawkins

Women's Ministry

Can you think of a time that Christ communicated to more than one person at a time, from Heaven? How did Saul's call to salvation differ from other believers? Are you someone that needs guidance and help or are you someone that was sent to help and guide others?
Do you know how much was recorded concerning the life of Ananias? Would you agree to let your enemy(ies) move in and live with you forever? 

For answers to these questions, please listen to, "Ananias, Report for Duty," by Jamie Hawkins.
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Transforming Love ​Christian Center

   Jamie and Myiia Hawkins  

We see TLC2 as a Christ-driven, multiethnic church of thousands focused on impacting the community by fortifying families, modeling Christian leadership, and becoming one through authentic pursuit of Jesus Christ.


in Christ

Ricardo Calvo Jr.

Assistant Pastor

The purpose of Transforming Love Christian Center is to teach the life-changing Word of God—holding fast to the BELIEFS of the Christian faith, BUILDING a bridge to our community through evangelism, and inspiring people to BECOME Christians that are passionate about deepening their  relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our Outreach team in Oakland, California can certainly use your help. If you would pray upon reading this message, we would greatly appreciate it.  God's way is that believers should be self-sustaining, always giving all we can to advance His Kingdom.  Please pray about sharing a financial gift and then commit to His leading.  

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